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Home based business opportunity: Quam's Carpet Cleaning is looking for motivated individuals who want to experience financial success. If you have been looking for Carpet Franchise Opportunities or other great business opportunities, Quam's Carpet Cleaning is your solution.

Mobile Company

Quam's is not offering carpet franchise opportunities, but a business opportunity.
Franchise opportunities have limitations in geographical areas and charge fees for the life of your business.

Our program is only a 10 year, "low" flat, fixed royalty fee based on population not on percentages that could increase over a lifetime. This guarantees that the harder you work, the more money "you" will make. This is why Quam's carpet cleaning package is more sensible than a carpet franchise.

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Home Based Business Opportunity
Are you looking for Carpet Franchise Opportunities? Purchase your Quam's Carpet Cleaning package. Our turnkey "state of the art" package provides the potential to earn over $200,000 per year and gain control of your life, your income and your future. Find out what it is like to eliminate the uncertainty of working for someone else by owning your own business. You will be allowed conveniences such as being your own boss, working from home and making your own schedule.

You will be joining a winning team and with our 19 years of experience we will show you how to be successful.

CALL TODAY 1-800-573-5639.


Premier Property Management

December 6, 2004

As the owner of a property management company I would highly recommend Quams Carpet Cleaning. We have done business with Quams for five years and the service provided by them has been outstanding. With the properties we manage, Quams has the knowledge and equipment to do wonders on all carpets. They always provide professional and quality service and are always on time to do the job. Quams Carpet Cleaning is without question one of the most reliable, efficient and reasonable companies to work with.


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Specialized Training Provided

Business Opportunity

Equipment Provided

Quams Carpet Cleaning Process

Sensible Packages

Mr. Quam would like to share his financial success with ambitious individuals who have the motivation to build prosperous independent businesses.
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Work at Home
Financial Success

Quam's uses the easiest and most light weight "state of the art" equipment. Our machine cleans five times the area with half the effort. There are no harsh chemicals, and drying time is only one hour.
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Our system is portable, with no hassles from hoses, giving you unlimited opportunities in secured locations such as airports, high-rise apartments and schools. This is why we are confident you will succeed using our "state of the art" equipment. Our machine gets the job done right the first time.

Compare our cleaning system to all our competitors. You will find many of them use truck mounts. They have to drag hoses from their vans into people's homes and businesses. Can you imagine having to drag hoses day in and day out? Also keep in mind the gas prices. It takes a large van to accommodate all of that equipment.

We will fly you to our main office in Vancouver, Washington. You will have extensive, hands on, top quality training. We will give you the confidence and ability to open your own business immediately upon arriving home. You will be able to reach us through our 1-800 number for on-going support.

With your motivation and our knowledge, along with our "state of the art" equipment, it is a win-win situation. Mr. Quam has learned to fine tune the carpet cleaning business. Let him show you how. He will teach you the secret to success!

CALL TODAY 1-800-573-5639.

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