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Dear Mr. Quam,
Thank you for all the years of service you have given to us at Ross Pacific. The service we have received has been exemplary! The quick responses to our needs, the professional service to our clients and tenants has set you apart from all others. We appreciate your outstanding attention to detail and clear communication. The professionalism that your company has displayed has made our job so much easier.

We look forward to many more years of working together!


Julia Lowden
Ross Pacific Management

Ross Pacific Management

If you are in need of our Carpet Cleaning Services in Portland or Vancouver give us a call at: 360-513-6627

Cleaning Process
Small Business
Quam's small business opportunity is in great demand due to our fast drying and portable system. You will find our carpet cleaning equipment to be compact, versatile and efficient, with the highest standard of floor hygiene that can be achieved.
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The Machine
The machine is made in Austria, which guarantees quality engineering. Their focus is on high quality manufacturing and equipment safety. They use only the finest materials and have superior craftsmanship in design and assembly.
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Another Quam's advantage is the multiple applications on one machine. The specially designed brushes can clean any type of floor, whether it is flat or profiled. This means not only can you clean carpets, you can also clean vinyl / linoleum, terrazzo / marble, concrete / stone, quarry tiles, resin and hardwood floors.
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Twin Rotating Brushes
The twin rotating brushes are housed within a strong compact aluminum unit that contains both clean water and dirty water tanks. After the cleaning solution is fed onto the carpet or floor, the machine does the rest of the work. You will find the equipment is as easy as running a vacuum. It can be used in open areas by simply walking behind it. It is light weight and easy to maneuver around furniture. It is moved easily from one site to another on it's built-in transport wheels.
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Replacement Parts
All replacement parts are guaranteed to be "manufacturer original." We take great pride in our "state of the art" system. Our quality equipment is simple to use, cleans superior to all competitors, and requires very low maintenance.
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Best Investment
Quam's will be the best investment you've ever made with a partnership that you can count on. We will share our expertise and experience to help you achieve the optimum standards on floor care technology.
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