Oriental Rug Cleaning

Your oriental rug is the centerpiece of your living room, so when it gets dirty it can be very noticable. With how much you spent on your rug, and how long they are intended to last, you should have a professional clean them to ensure they are kept in their best possible condition.

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Oriental or Persian rugs are a particularly delicate and beautiful form of area rugs, and one that needs a little more care, a bit more knowledge, in order to clean them correctly. If maintained these incredible pieces should last a lifetime.


At Quam’s Carpet Cleaning we will ensure the safety of your beautiful carpet. Taking care to avoid damaging the fragile fringe and hand-designed patterns is our top priority for your Persion rugs. We are careful to select products that will clean the surface of your rug, and remove any dirt while not damaging or discoloring the material. Because of the nature of the weave pattern of oriental rugs, they are able to hold a surprising amount of dirt, especially if they are in a high-traffic area. That means cleaning below the surface is very important to fully clean your rug, otherwise literal pounds of dirt and dust could be hiding just under the surface.


Remember turning your rug can help prevent damage or location specific wear. Keeping rugs away from windows to avoid sun exposure can also seriously increase the lifespan of these incredible materials.


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Five Reasons to Hire Quams Carpet Cleaning:

  1. We use state-of-the-art equipment, low noise rotating brushes, less water, and no harsh chemicals.
  2. Uses less water that equals less drying time, usually same-day.
  3. Our professionals will have your carpet looking like new.
  4. Regular service performed by Quams keeps bacteria, pet hair, odor and dander under control bringing tremendous relief to allergy sufferers.
  5. We can extend the life of your carpet thereby saving you money over time.

A professional carpet cleaning service will provide you with the high-quality results you and your family expect.

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Quam’s Carpet Cleaning uses the easiest and most light weight “state of the art” equipment. Our machine cleans five times the area with half the effort. There are no harsh chemicals, and drying time is only one hour.

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