Restaurant Carpet Cleaning

Restaurant floors take a beating. With a steady stream of customers all day, and all night in some cases, dirt, rain, mud or even slush can get tracked in from outside. Employees can track grease and grime walking from the kitchen to the dining room. Spilled drinks and dropped food add to the build up.

All of this can affect how the carpeting in the restaurant looks, making it appear dull and dirty. If these stains are allowed to set for long periods, they can also cause a musty smell throughout the restaurant. This can affect the dining experience of the eater and make the restaurant less appealing.

Professional-level Carpet Cleaning

Spot cleaning with a rag, broom or vacuum can take care of the big messes, but you’ll need something more for the deep down stains. If the carpet isn’t cleaned on a regular basis, not only does it make your restaurant look grimy, allergens and dust can start to affect air quality as well.

Quam’s Carpet Cleaning offers professional-level commercial service at competitive price. We offer spot dyeing, use only Eco-friendly products and our process ensures fast drying time. Our state-of-the-art machines and experienced technicians provide a deep cleaning while using less water. This means less drying time, important for restaurants that are open 24 hours.

Need Your Carpets Cleaned?

A cleaner carpet brightens a dining room, looks more inviting to customers, and also helps with the air quality. A well maintained carpet will also extend the life of your carpet, saving money along the way.

In addition to carpet cleaning, we also clean tile and concrete floors as well, bringing back the luster that is appealing to customers.

If it’s time to clean your floors, contact Quam’s Carpet Cleaning today. In addition to a single cleaning, we can also set up a regular maintenance schedule.

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Quam’s Carpet Cleaning uses the easiest and most light weight “state of the art” equipment. Our machine cleans five times the area with half the effort. There are no harsh chemicals, and drying time is only one hour.

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