Like your body, all carpets can use a good stretch from time to time. While stretching can help loosen up your muscles, carpet stretching is kind of the exact opposite. 

Carpet stretching is done to tighten up loose carpet. The process involves pulling the carpeting tighter and resecuring it to the tack or anchor strips located along the perimeter of the room.

Carpet stretching isnt something a lot of people are familiar with, so you might have a few questions about the entire process. We know carpets, so were here to help. 


How to tell if its time for a carpet stretching


There are a few signs that its time to call the professionals to come in and give your carpet a stretching. One of the easiest ways to tell with the naked eye is if youre seeing lumps or wrinkles. If you see visible bubbles or lumps, its time to give Quams a call. 

Moving furniture and other activities causes the carpet to warp, while foot traffic can make lumps and wrinkles appear over time, as well. Stretching the carpet restores it to its original flat and even appearance.

You should also look out for cuts and tears that appear in the base structure of your carpet. That kind of damage can cause the carpet to loosen. A large cut indicates that its time for a stretch. 

Carpet is fixed to the floor with tack strips to keep it in place, so you can also check the edges and corners as a way to tell if it can use stretching. Loose edges can mean a carpet stretch is needed to reaffix the carpet to your subfloor. 


Benefits of carpet stretching


Perhaps the biggest benefit of having your carpet stretched is that it will extend the carpets life. Sure, it will make your carpet look great, which is nice, but it has actual benefits to the health of your carpet, too. 

When this process is rightly done, the wrinkles are cleared off the surface of the carpet, dirt is cleared, and the soil is prevented from settling in the uneven areas. That can help slow the deterioration of your carpet and extend its lifespan. A skilled carpet installer, like the people at Quams, will ensure that the carpet is expertly fastened to the tack strips along the edges of the room to prevent it from snapping out of place in the near future.

Stretching your carpet will get all those wrinkles and bumps out, which will make it easier to clean. When the carpet is laid flat, it will be easier to vacuum. And when the carpet is easier to clean, that will also help extend its life. 

Theres also the safety benefit of having your carpet stretched. If you allow bumps and ripples to form on your carpet, youre leaving potential hazards throughout your room. The uneven surface caused by those winkles can lead to children or the elderly to trip while walking across your carpet.

Whether you just put some carpet down in your basement a few years ago, or youre looking to have that office carpet thats been around longer than any employees fixed, we can handle it. Set up an appointment with Quams Carpet Cleaning today by calling 360-513-6627.