Drywall Repair & Installation

Drywall Repair and Installation

No matter how it happened – while moving a couch, kids playing around inside, or just the age of the home – damage to the drywall is bound to happen. A small dent or hole can usually be fixed with a little bit putty and sandpaper. If the damage is much more than that, or you find out you’re in over your head, it’s time to call Quam’s.

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Our experienced crew has experience with any drywall damage. From baseball-sized holes to entire sheets of drywall that need to be replaced due to mold or mildew, Quam’s can handle it. We work efficiently, but with safety in mind. Depending on where the damage is, there could be plumbing, wiring, or even ductwork hidden behind the wall.

In the case of mold or other damage of that nature, we take care to remove the affected material to make sure no mold is left behind. In some cases, we can pinpoint where the mold came from and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

With less experienced crews, the patch job is almost as visible as the initial damage. We take care to leave the wall looking like there was never any issue to begin with, down to match the texture and paint color of the rest of the wall.

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Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom? Drywall can be one of the more difficult finishing jobs on any project. If you are living in the home during the remodel, time is off the essences. We work efficiently and with care to make sure you can continue putting the room back together as soon as possible.

Drywall installation isn’t just contained to the walls, either. Posts, arched entryways, ceilings, and whatever else you need drywalled is second nature to us. We take into account every light switch, waterline, and overhead light during the process to make sure mistakes are few and far between.

If you’re drywall needs a little – or a lot of – work done, contact Quam’s today. We work fast, clean, and safe all at a reasonable price.

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