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Fall brings with it cooler temperatures, less daylight, and the rain. Nothing paints a picture of fall in the Pacific Northwest like blankets of fallen yellow, orange and brown leaves. But those leaves can clog gutters and cause problems for your roof, water pools under eaves causing dry rot. Let Quam’s Carpet Cleaning clean your gutters before it gets to that point.

Throughout the fall and winter seasons, leaves, twigs, and other debris will accumulate in your gutters, which doesn’t allow your gutters to do their job – taking water away from your home. If water is allowed to build up, damage can affect the exterior as well as the interior of your home:


  • Wood Siding/Fascia Boards
  • Landscaping
  • Roofing
  • Attic Space
  • Interior walls
  • Foundation

Gutter Cleaning Services Vancouver WAProblems Caused By Clogged Gutters


If gutters remained clogged, water begins to spill over the gutters, running down the fascia boards the gutters are attached to as well as the siding. A constant barrage of water can weaken fascia boards, causing the gutters to pull away from the home. Wood siding, if not properly protected from the elements, can also be affected.



If rain water is spilling over the backs of the gutters, it’s probably spilling over the front, too. This excess water can cause deep rutting the landscaping below, disrupting flower beds.


Gutters and downspouts are in place to take water away from the home. If this system is compromised in anyway, rain is allowed to pool near the foundation of the home. After weeks and months of rain, the water will make it’s way through the foundation and into your crawlspace or basement and can cause dry rot.


Clogged gutters are especially harmful in the winter, where freezing temperatures can cause the water to freeze and back up into the shingles of the homes. As the water melts, freezes, melts, and freezes again, ice dams can form. Water underneath the ice dam has nowhere to go but under the shingles, through the underlayment, and into your home.

Attic Space/Interior walls

Once the water gets through the underlayment, attics are the next in line. Insulation, joists, and other material in the attic can be destroyed if water is allowed to build up. Eventually, the water will make it’s way into the walls and ceiling of the home causing mold and mildew which is environmentally hazardous to your health.

You can stop all of these issues before they even start by giving Quam’s a call. Our crews are experienced and have the right tools, and will leave your gutters clean and efficient. Call today for a free estimate.

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