It’s never too early to start thinking about spring cleaning. Unfortunately. As we dive deeper into winter, your restaurant floor is going to take an increased beating. People are going to come in through the rain, mud, snow, and sleet, and all that gunk is going to end up on your floor. 

If you have carpet in any part of your restaurant, you’re well aware that you’re going to need a thorough carpet cleaning soon. You can put mats down at your front entrance and vacuum all you want, but nothing compares to having the professionals come in and really scrub out the remnants of all those past happy customers. 

And now is the perfect time to give Quam’s Carpet Cleaning a call to schedule your spring cleaning. The holidays have passed, and it’s long, grey days ahead until spring. Scheduling a cleaning now is a great way to know you’ll have a like-new carpet in your restaurant come spring. 


Why hire carpet cleaners for your restaurant


Sure, you can vacuum every night and rent some carpet cleaning equipment yourself, but we have countless years of experience cleaning every last fiber of carpets in all different environments. You might think you’re only worrying about dirt and debris tracked in by guests, but you also have to deal with spilled drinks and food, as well as the possibility of staff tracking grease and grime from the kitchen through the dining room. 

It’s important to not let your carpet go too long between thorough cleanings, either. The longer those spills and dirt sit, the duller and dirtier it will make your carpet look. You don’t want your restaurant looking old or worn out. Even worse, if you leave that dirt in your carpet, it can cause a musty smell throughout the restaurant. 


Things to consider for your carpet cleaning


Whether you’re on the fence about having your carpet professionally cleaned, or just wondering how often to have it cleaned, there are a few factors you have to think about. 

You have to think about the type of space you have and how much foot traffic you get in there. Obviously, if you have a good deal of foot traffic, you’ll want more frequent cleanings. Or if you have parts of your restaurant with higher foot traffic, you’ll want to focus on those sections more frequently. However, that’s not an excuse to ignore other parts of your restaurant, either. 

Another factor to think about is the actual carpet color and style. Carpets with a higher nap and brighter colors should be cleaned more regularly and thoroughly. 

You’ll also want to think about bringing us in for a cleaning at a time that is least disruptive to your own schedule. We offer spot dyeing, use only Eco-friendly products so our process ensures fast-drying time. Our state-of-the-art machines and experienced technicians provide a deep cleaning while using less water. This means less drying time, important for restaurants that are open 24 hours.

In addition to carpet cleaning, we also clean tile and concrete floors as well, bringing back the luster that is appealing to customers. If it’s time to clean your floors, contact Quam’s Carpet Cleaning today at (360) 513-6627. In addition to a single cleaning, we can also set up a regular maintenance schedule.