Keeping your carpets clean is important for the health and comfort of your family. Over time, carpets get dirty, stained and absorb pet odors. Allergens, dust mites, mold, and other contaminants get trapped below the top layer of your carpet with normal use. As we walk across carpets, some of the pollutants caught in the fibers are released into the air. Cleaning your carpets will improve the air quality in your home, and help protect family members from health issues such as asthma and allergy attacks. Vacuuming three times a week and cleaning your carpets at least once a year will leave your carpets smelling fresh while improving the health, comfort and appearance of your home.

Carpets and area rugs are attractive floor coverings, and will stay that way for many years with proper care. Dust and other contaminants caught in carpets wear down the fibers over time. Simply vacuuming and cleaning your carpets regularly will refresh the fibers, protect your investment, and give it a longer life with a better appearance.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is the Best Option

Spills happen. Tough stains, high traffic areas, and pets shedding all affect how your carpet looks and feels. Having a trained professional clean your carpets will improve the appearance, health, and comfort of your home in just one day.

Professional carpet cleaning machines are designed to reach the deeper layers of your carpet to remove dirt, stains, odors, allergens and other contaminants that get trapped there. Trained professional carpet cleaners will use the right combination of heat, water, and cleaning solutions for the type of carpet you have to eliminate bacteria, dust mites, mold, and odors. High traffic areas are revitalized, and stubborn stains are removed safely without damaging the synthetic or natural fibers of your carpet. Most carpet cleaning professionals will also offer fiber protection to keep your carpet looking new by guarding it against stains and extending the life of the carpet.

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning will not give you the same results as a professional carpet cleaning. The process often takes longer than having an expert do the job for you. Professional machines are designed to leave very little water behind for fast drying. Often carpets will be dry enough to use in about an hour. Home cleaners are not as efficient, and leave more water in the carpet. It may take a day or more for the carpet to dry enough to use. In wetter climates, a carpet can develop a bad odor, mildew, mold or pest problem if it takes too long to dry. 

Whether you rent or buy a home carpet cleaner, it will not clean as deep as the industrial state-of-the-art machines used by professionals. Contaminants can linger and even get pushed into deeper layers. Home machines can also stretch carpet causing bumps that become tripping hazards and shorten the life of your carpet.The cost of cleaning and fiber protection by a professional is not much more than doing it yourself, and they can get it done right while saving you time.

How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

Vacuuming two to three times per week is important for keeping your carpets clean and free of contaminants, but a good deep clean at least once a year will improve the health benefits for you and your family, and extend the life of the carpet. You may want to have your carpets cleaned professionally more often to keep it fresh and like new.

  • Pets are wonderful, but they are also a source of odors, stains, and increased traffic on carpets.
  • Young children are on the floor all the time exposing them to dust, bacteria, and allergens trapped in the fibers. It is a good idea to get the carpet cleaned at least twice a year with young children in the home.
  • Allergens come into homes on shoes and clothing and get trapped in carpet. If a family member suffers from pollen or dander allergies, it may improve their health to professionally clean your carpet more frequently.
  • Traffic on carpeted floors will wear down the fibers faster in some areas. If you notice a change in color where people and pets walk, it might be time to get an expert carpet cleaner.
  • Commercial spaces with carpet should have trained professionals clean regularly. Your carpet cleaners can help you find a schedule that is appropriate for the use of your space.

Choose the Right Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

There are three key factors to consider when choosing the best professional carpet cleaning service for your needs.

  1. Experience
  2. Method
  3. Availability

The wet climate in Vancouver and Portland often leads to issues with mold, mildew and dust mites that thrive in damp conditions. Quam’s Carpet Cleaning has over 25 years of experience providing quality services in residential and commercial spaces in Clark County and the Greater Portland area. Our state-of-the-art equipment is lighter and quieter than other cleaning systems. We don’t use harsh chemicals, and our machines use less water for faster drying times. Quam’s professional carpet cleaning service keeps bacteria, allergens, mold and mites under control. Our trained professionals are ready to clean your area rugs and carpets at home or in commercial spaces.

We look forward to providing you and your family the high-quality results you expect. Please contact us or give us a call today at (360) 513-6627 to set up and appointment.