An Oriental rug is a great way to lend some elegance and beauty to any room you place one in. Each rug is handwoven and unique, using heavy textiles like cotton, wool, and even silk to complete intricate designs and patterns. However, with such intricacies comes the added stress of maintenance. 

You can ensure your rug will last a long time by regularly vacuuming it, but that will only do so much. With proper care, your Oriental rug should last a lifetime. Thats why its a great idea to hire professionals to handle your Oriental rug cleaning. 

Because of the nature of the weave pattern of Oriental rugs, they are able to hold a surprising amount of dirt, especially if they are in a high-traffic area. That means cleaning below the surface is very important to fully clean your rug, otherwise, literal pounds of dirt and dust could be hiding just under the surface.

We are Quams Carpet Cleaning have the experience, knowledge, and tools to keep your Oriental rug strong and beautiful. 


Why hiring professionals to clean your Oriental rug makes sense


As mentioned, vacuuming is a great first line of defense for your Oriental rug, but vacuuming wont be able to pick up all that dust and debris. We have the proper equipment to handle this step of the cleaning process. Our methods also put less of a strain on your rug than something like beating or shaking the rug. 

That idea of hanging and beating an Oriental rug is the traditional method for cleaning one. Something like a steam cleaner isnt the most effective way of cleaning an Oriental rug and using them runs the risk of causing damage. Excessive water use can cause the rug to shrink and buckle. When you bring in people with experience cleaning Oriental rugs, you can rest assured that we will not clean the rug while keeping its integrity without damaging it. 

When you hire Quams Capet Cleaning, you can also rest easy knowing that we can clean your Oriental rug without the colors bleeding together. The dye used in Oriental rugs has been known to react to certain chemicals used to clean rugs. This can lead to the colors bleeding into each other. We know how to make sure that doesnt happen with our proven cleaning method for Oriental rugs. 


How often should you have your Oriental rug professionally cleaned?


The answer to this question will depend on where in your home the rug is located, and how busy that area is. Obviously, a rug in a more high-traffic area will require more frequent cleanings to keep it completely clean and make sure it lasts a lifetime. 

If you have your rug professionally cleaned once a year mixed in with regular vacuuming sessions, that should do the trick. If the rug is in a room that sees a lot of foot traffic, having it cleaned closer to every six months is a great plan. 

Its always better to air on the side of caution. You spent the time and money picking out the perfect Oriental rug to tie your home together. You and the rug deserve a long, clean and healthy life together. We at Quams Capet Cleaning can make sure that happens. 

Give us a call today at 360-513-6627 and well have your rug looking good as new! In addition to a rug cleaning, we can also set up a regular carpet cleaning maintenance schedule.